The Alliance for Development Initiative (ADI) is a global Initiative to promote development cooperation with The Gambia, through socio-economic activities in cooperative models. We promote and support projects that set out to improve education, agriculture, health and environmental care. As a global network, we collect information about current development projects, stakeholders (national and international) and the beneficiary groups or communities in The Gambia. We advise, support and partner with stakeholders (national and international) so as to make the projects successful and sustainable. Our code of conduct is our guiding principles and policies and it is binding upon all our members and partners.
Our Motto is Commitment and Consistency, Honesty, Accountability and Transparency, Tolerance and Respect for diversity.
Always ask yourself in all situations the following questions:

  • Does the procedure comply with the general international law, the laws of the Gambia and in particular universal human rights, the Basic Law and other legal obligations?
  • Does the procedure serve the purpose of the ADI e.V?
  • Does the procedure correspond to the ADI e.V code of conduct?



ADI e.V is an autonomous and a legal organisation that operates within the jurisdiction of international and national laws of the countries we operate and our members, employees and partners stand to defend our integrity and good name by acting responsibly during the execution of their duties. They do this with transparency and accountability. No one shall, during the execution of his/ her duties for ADI e.V take advantage upon or take favour or bribe or anything of such kind from:

  • Stakeholders, such as donors or sponsoring members
  • Economic organisations and companies,
  • Political parties, Institutions and other organisations or units that are associated with the ADI e.V.


As a global network we partner with, coordinate and support diverse organisations, Institutions and Initiatives in the areas of local community development, healthcare and environmental preservation, as well as in information sharing and in promoting and supporting formal education and skills training in the Gambia.
ADI Germany is especially interested to promote cooperation and partnership with German organisations, Initiatives and projects that are currently active in The Gambia.


As a non-profit organisation, we finance our activities and projects exclusively through membership fees, donations, fundraising activities and sponsoring and therefore committed to transparency and accoutability. We ensure a clean bookkeeping and annually present our members, partners and sponsors with a detailed and comprehensive financial report for review, as proof that the available funds are used exclusively for the statutory purposes of the association.


Procurement and commissioning are carried out on the decision of general membership or the executive committee or the project committee. As environmental activists, we give special consideration to social and ecological aspect of everything we do.


This applies to all association members who act on behalf of the association; Lecture and interview fees can generally be accepted if they are paid directly to AEI e.V If this is not possible, the fee will be rejected. Gifts, invitations or discounts with a value more than 20 euros will not be accepted.


It is obligatory to handle the properties of ADI e.V with great care and responsibly.


ADI e.V. does not tolerate any discrimination or harassment, be it on the basis of age, disability, origin, gender, political position, religion or sexual orientation. Every member is asked to contribute to an atmosphere of respectful togetherness. Violations of equal treatment must be reported to the executive.


ADI as a global network, our trademark is internationally uniform yet national groups are free to have their own local trademarks. All materials that are made public are basically designed within these limits e.g

Internet pages

Information booklets, brochures, flyers, stationery
Posters or banners are created in accordance with the design guidelines.
All materials must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate bodies prior to publication.


An important part of our work is public relations (networking) and information sharing. In this respect we work also with different media outlets to inform the public about the activities and programs of ADI e.V Media enquiries are always welcome. Our public relations committee can be contacted for any media-related matters.

The code of conduct is binding for all members. Signed and adopted by ADI e.V Germany.

Thank you for your support - ADI e.V Germany