Development of a medical technology supply and procurement system for health facilities in Gambia.


The project aims to install a sustainable and self-sustaining system of medical technical care in Gambian health facilities as a prerequisite for better health care for the population. The focus is on the establishment of a reliable and strategically functioning medical technology system that collects the medical needs of Gambian health facilities and implements them with the support of the AEI, which is registered in Germany. The focus is on the establishment of long-term supply processes to avoid unused technical know-how. The equipment in the hospitals in Gambia is incomplete and often not functional. Repairs cannot be made because spare parts or the financial means to procure them are missing. Nevertheless, there is a lack of qualified and trained personnel to maintain existing equipment accordingly. The result is untapped medical potential. Care efforts and support measures of many committed associations, institutions and private persons are thereby reduced to absurdity. In order to develop a sustainable and demand-oriented supply process, the three dimensions must be considered: procurement and logistics, the establishment of a centrally controlled medical technology structure, and the training and instruction of users in medical technology devices. Long-term and future-oriented medical technology supply is only possible when all three wheels interlock. Ultimately, the intention is to establish a self-managed system that is financially independent in the medium term and that acts in a needs-based, professional and ecologically sensible way.