A primary school for Jabatta

The elementary school in Jattaba teaches students from the 1st to the 6th grade. A total of around 200 children attend this school. Each class has a teacher assigned to teach all subjects, including the basic subjects such as English, math, and local history. For boys and girls, physical education is always associated with numerous competitions. The lessons are associated with some challenges, mainly due to the missing and damaged equipment. There are hardly any intact tables and seats, an unimaginable situation for us. The children urgently need new tables and chairs! The classrooms, long in need of renovation, do not offer any possibility of a positive learning atmosphere. The walls are damaged and discolored by rain and fragile areas. In addition, the situation of cleanliness is made more difficult by sheep, goats and chickens roaming free. The aim is to enclose the entire school building with a sturdy fence to avoid contamination by animals.

For this we collect donations:

  • New chairs and tables that give students enough space to study. (Use of chairs Jattaba )
  • Material costs to build a fence. ( Purpose of the fence Jattaba )
  • Renovation of the classrooms and the teachers' room, especially painting and shelves (purpose of the classroom Jattaba )
  • Material for students and teachers in daily needs. (Pens, exercise books, etc.)
  • Purpose of learning material Jattaba

You can donate directly via the respective purpose.

Donations in kind are also possible by arrangement.

You can follow the current developments and effects of your investment through pictures and reports on this homepage.

Thank you for your investment in these projects and we are happy to answer any questions you may have!


Mr. Dodou Sanneh und Mrs. Lena Sanneh

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