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Project Jattaba

Development aid for the village of Jattaba

The village of Jattaba has more than 1000 inhabitants. It is located directly on the main road and close to the border with Senegal. The people live mainly from their agriculture, for example the cultivation of rice and vegetables. Since the end of 2020, there is finally the possibility to get an electricity connection.

We have a personal connection to the village of Jattaba, as we come from there and/or family members of ours live there. Therefore, it is close to our hearts to maintain regular contact with the local people, to visit them and, above all, to support them.

Our project is to improve the situation of the people in Jattaba in cooperation with a local Gambian association.


The Association in Jattaba

The association ("Jattaba Youth Development Association") was founded in 2005 by residents in Jattaba to improve the living conditions of the residents in the long term and to give young people a perspective for the future.

All activities of the association are carried out by the local people on a voluntary basis.

The association receives support in planning and implementation mainly from some people who grew up in Jattaba and now live abroad. For these people it is very important to contribute to a change in their home village.


Our goals:

To support the creation of a HOSPITAL in Jattaba, through building materials and medical equipment.
To maintain and further develop the medical facilities of the hospital in the long term through cooperation and partnerships.
and to further develop the medical facilities of the hospital.

Improve the situation of the primary school in Jattaba through renovation and cooperation, sponsorships, etc.

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