Gambian migrants abroad

Gambian migrants build bridges between Gambia and the countries in which they currently live and work.

With their know-how, their ideas, experiences and contacts, they initiate important changes in both places and help ensure that Gambia remains future-proof. Many Gambia are remotely involved in the development of Gambia:

  • The Gambia have international organizations and run voluntary projects.
  • Others set up companies and thus promote the economic and create jobs in Gambia.
  • Still others advocate cross-border scientific collaborations or support family members and acquaintances through money transfers.


Together with the returning specialists, we are committed to a targeted transfer of knowledge. We will set up a network in Gambia together with employers' associations to bring returnees and local companies together.

  • Are you toying with the idea of starting your own business in Gambia?
  • We support you with advice in Gambia and Germany.
  • Individual business plan advice We arrange contacts (banks, business partners in Gambia)