Concept for the development and establishment of a language school in Gambia

Initial situation:

The AEI eV language school in Gambia has set itself the goal of teaching / teaching German to interested parties in Gambia based on the six levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The school is based on the international program of the Goethe Institute, so the language skills you acquire in our courses are objectively measurable and internationally comparable. Course objectives: After completing a course, you can continue to learn flexibly - on site in Gambia or in Germany. The school aims to open legal channels in to Germany. den "A large part of the migrants want to train or continue their education in Germany and then return. Therefore, we should find ways to enable this form of temporary migration to prevent that people risk their lives on dangerous escape routes.

The Federal Government has created very good opportunities for this with Section 17 of the Residence Act (AufenthG).

We want to support this path. According to Section 17 of the Residence Act (AufenthG), foreigners can be granted a residence permit for the purpose of in-company training and further education. Documents to be submitted in the visa procedure:

(Evidence of the language course: Please note that even in the case of a language course preceding the training, language skills of at least B1 level must be proven when applying for a visa (see No. 14 ) .

Information on the planned language course:

Period (usually 6 months) Number of language hours and, if applicable, course content, costs of the course Place of the lesson proof of the payment of the course fee.)

Knowledge of German is a necessary basis for building up a good professional future both in Germany and in the country of origin.

Learning German means acquiring skills with which you can successfully start your career and also find your way around in Germany more quickly.

AEI e.V. sees its task in promoting development cooperation and international networking, tolerance in all areas of culture and the idea of international understanding between Germany and Gambia. Learn German in Gambia It can be very beneficial to acquire knowledge of German while abroad. The first point of contact for German courses and questions about German culture is the Goethe-Institut in Dakar. the Goethe Institutm has locations around the world, where various language courses with internationally recognized exams are offered.

Unfortunately, Dakar is too far for many young people in Gambia. to travel to dakar . Stay and meals in Dakar for min. 6 weeks (course duration) plus course and examination fees are unaffordable for many Gambia. Since Senegal speaks French, it is difficult for many from Gambia to communicate in class. Although the language of instruction is German, it is very helpful if you can be taught in your own language, That is why we see the need for a language school in Gambia.

Conceptual considerations The planned school will (courses based on the Goethe Institute) individual and special courses that are specifically geared towards individual topics and needs or prepare for language tests according to the European Framework of Reference (level A 1 to C2).

There will also be special German courses that prepare for everyday work and incorporate intercultural (Gambia and Germany) elements.

The offer:

German courses - A1-C2 German courses for adults (intensive course) Special courses for spouse reunification, courses for children and young people Professional language courses Objective of the professional language courses: If you have already reached language level B1, you can take part in professional language courses. These language courses promote the professional integration of migrants looking for work in the labor market. The professional language courses build on the integration courses and serve the language acquisition from level B1 to language level C2 according to the common European framework of reference for languages (GER). In addition, special modules are offered which, for example, are geared towards individual professional groups in connection with the procedure for professional recognition or professional access. Modules are also planned for those who could not attain language level B1 by attending integration courses. The module, which should serve the acquisition of level B 2, is already available, the other modules will be developed gradually. The AEI eV language school in Gambia will align its educational goals, curricula and qualifications with language requirements in Germany